Author: Dan Hoppen

Dan is the Director of Small Groups at King of Kings. He's the author of the book, God's Broken Heroes, and has a second book coming out this fall in cooperation with Concordia Publishing House. Dan also is an avid foodie who hosts a weekly restaurant podcast called Restaurant Hoppen, on which he interviews chefs and restaurateurs from around Omaha.

Day 60: Food That Never Spoils

Answer the Call Read john 6: 26-40 A few times a year, my wife and I will do a deep clean of our refrigerator. We do our best to keep inventory on what’s... Read more »

Day 59: Food You Know Nothing About

Answer the Call Read john 4: 31-34 Sometimes, I think the disciples deserve criticism for being a bit dull. While I’m willing to give them some slack, at times it seems they were... Read more »

Day 58: Well-Fed Sheep

Answer the Call Read John 21: 15-19 What does a lamb eat? I’d never considered this question before sitting down to write this blog. But Jesus’ three instructions before He ascended into Heaven... Read more »

Day 57: Chef Jesus

Answer the Call Read John 21: 9-14 Have you ever considered what Jesus would have been like as a chef?   Probably not, because it’s admittedly an absurd question. But as I read... Read more »

Day 54: Mind-Opening Seafood

Answer the Call Read Luke 24: 36-49 I’ll never forget the first time I ate eggs and liked them.   That’s right, for the first 20 years of his life, this avid foodie... Read more »