Author: Julie Swanson

Julie Swanson aka “Mama Swan” is an accomplished singer, prolific and accomplished songwriter with songs performed worldwide. She is a mentor, encourager, and author with her first children’s book being released in December 2021. She lives in Omaha with her husband and her royal highness,” Belle of the Ball”, a feline model and internet sensation. She has 3 grown children and has recently been promoted to Grandma. A Nebraska native, she is a lover of family, food, fashion, and all things candy. Julie’s work has been described as a” big hug”. With wisdom, insight, and knowledge of the Word, Julie equips you to navigate the storms of life so you can have a life worth living.

DAY 43: “Post Christmas Unwind”

"A good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. Jesus is our Good Shepherd." Well, you made it… It’s the week after Christmas and you don’t have to think... Read more »

DAY 42: “What is your God language?”

"God is always speaking 24:7, 365 days a year" God has always spoken to me in unique ways. Through movies, billboards, license plates, numbers, animals, nature, and other ways, we... Read more »

DAY 41: “It’s New Wine Time!”

" receive the “new” we must let go of the old first" Christmas is over, the relatives have gone home, the house needs cleaning, kids are running around, and you... Read more »

DAY 40: “Love Came Down at Christmas”

"Christmas is about giving" Happy Christmas Eve! Tonight, people all over the world celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We gather with family and friends, attend... Read more »

DAY 37: “Angels Among Us”

"Jesus is our Peace, our Joy, our Strength and our Song!" When the kids were in middle school, we took a trip to the “Big Apple” — New York City.... Read more »