Author: Megan Swanson

A former Miss Nebraska (2014), Miss Nebraska USA (2020), turned Entrepreneur, Megan Swanson lives to help women unlock their unique identity, trailblaze on the path of their individual calling, and take their power back, so they can win in every sphere of life. An expert pageant Interview coach, well-decorated singer/songwriter, author, and keynote speaker, Megan passionately shows people that they were created to influence the world around them.

DAY 37: Thank You & Benediction

To everyone who has been a part of this series, I just wanted to thank you! I have so enjoyed our time together, and I hope that you have discovered... Read more »

DAY 35: Miracles, Faith, and Healing

Finally, in our second to last day together, we have the Gift of Faith, Gift of Healing, and the Gift of (Signs, Wonders, and) Miracles! Ahh, my favorite! Why? Because... Read more »

DAY 34: Tongues

Ahh, the controversy of controversies. Talked about in 1 Cor 14:26-40, Paul gives some guidance to the Corinthian people who apparently had gotten a little too excited with tongues and... Read more »

DAY 33: Further Detail of Spiritual Gifts

Who’s ready to learn about some gifts? I know I am! Today, we’re going to be diving deeper into three of the eight gifts we mentioned yesterday: words of knowledge,... Read more »

DAY 32: Find Your Gift

Have you ever been put in a box? Been challenged for something that made you different? Have you ever felt lost because you weren’t like the people you admired? Have... Read more »

DAY 31: The Rest of the Questions

Landon continued, “Babe, I have a few more questions to ask you, is that alright?” Me: “Yes.” Landon: “Okay, I’d first like to ask you… what does God say about... Read more »

DAY 30: Chunk Down Those Dreams!

As we discussed yesterday, just a simple question of “What’s one thing you can do to make this happen?” opened up a whole new world of solutions in my brain.... Read more »