Day 16: How do I Pray with Praise?

Bible Verses:  Psalm 103:1-13; John 17:25-26

We live in a culture that loves praise. Why is social media so popular? We want something or someone to praise! What about popular or gifted people at school? Let’s praise them with crowns or awards. How about sports? Entire stadiums stand and cheer.

If giving praise is part of our culture, then shouldn’t it be easy to give praise to God? Shouldn’t it be like cheering Him on more than the local high school football team?

Not at all.

Praising God is an entirely different matter than affirming other people or things. Why do you think that God invites us to worship Him? Is it because He is insecure and needs the attention? Of course not! When we worship Him, our hearts open to Him. We see Him for who He is and what He has done. We see how much He values us and loves us. We know the gift of His Son Jesus, who reconciled us to the Father. We experience the Holy Spirit making God’s actions for us known on a most personal level!

God refuses to be known as an object, but He does invite us to love Him. Jesus taught us, Pray with Praise. We begin our pathway of prayer with “Our Father, who dwells in Heaven.” He is teaching that His model of prayer begins with praise and an invitation to love Him.

Worship Him for His character and qualities:

  • His might and His mercy
  • His vastness beyond eternity and His closeness within you
  • His commitment to your best interest

Worship Him for Who He is:

  • God the Father, His creating power and sustaining life
  • God the Son, His one-time sacrifice for our sin and all-time intercession
  • God the Spirit, His bringing us into the kingdom and equipping us for that kingdom

From eternity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have existed in perfect unity AND perfect love for each other. Their joy for each other has been described as a divine dance. It is this love that God wants to pour out on us that we would experience His joy and find our lives filled with His love. As you worship and give Him your love, you are reminded of His great love for you. It is the love exchange, and it is the way we get to better know who God is!

Day 16 Challenge: Enjoy some time in your prayers today worshipping. Tell God your praise and your thanks. There are so many options. Speak it in your hearts. Sing it. Listen to praise music. Read it in the Bible! Write it in your prayer journal. Meditate on it five minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed!

Prayer Prompt: For all the blessings God has given