DAY 17: The Soul Part 2: The Will Of Christ


I hope you’re enjoying this deep-dive into the inner workings of how God made you! Understanding the inner-you is a major key in hearing from God!

Our focus today is on the second part of the soul, known as the will.

How do we know the will is located in the soul?

Job 7:15 says, “My soul would choose,” and 6:7 says, “My soul refuses.”

To choose and to refuse are both decisions and functions of the will. Therefore, these passages prove that the will must be a part of the soul.

Another cool scripture that talks about the soul is found in 1 Chronicles 22:19, which says, “Now set your heart and your soul to seek after Jehovah your God.” Just as we set our mind to think, this verse says that we set our soul to seek.

To seek, is another way to say “to make a decision.”

The soul’s ability to make a decision also proves that the will is a part of the soul.

Another cool verse is in Numbers 30:2, which says, “When a man vows a vow to Jehovah or swears an oath to bind himself by pledge…”

The term to bind oneself, which occurs eleven times in this chapter, literally means “to bind one’s soul.” To bind the soul is to make a decision. This chapter in Numbers deals with vows made to the Lord.

Since we must make a decision to bind our soul to vow to the Lord, this also proves that the will must be a part of the soul.

Pretty cool huh?

Fun Fact – This talking about the soul of man freaks some scientists out. Why? Because to this day the world of science (apart from God) cannot find where the soul “lives.” But we know! Some would say that science is separate from God’s word, but God made science! We can use tools like the Word to, yes, even educate other mountains of influence in this world, outside of “religion!”