DAY 18: The Soul Part 3: The Emotions of Christ


Today we’re talking about emotionssssssssss.

To start us off, Isaiah 61:10 and Psalm 86:4 tell us that joy is in the soul.

This is amazing! But often in Christianity, it’s the only emotion discussed.

However, there are a whole host of emotions that connect to the soul of man, so I’ve provided them for quick reference here to save time.

(Deuteronomy 14:26, Jeremiah 22:27, Jeremiah 44:14, and Ezekiel 24:25)

It’s important to know that as Christians, we don’t have to accept just the happy times, but know that sad, bad, and mad times too.

I think it’s so beautiful that Jesus wept. That He understood even the toughest of our emotions, and wasn’t afraid to feel.

In fact, we see in scripture a whole host of emotions from Jesus.

He felt anger, and flipped tables when people were gambling in the holy temple of God.

He felt compassion for the lost, the sick, and the destitute.

He felt grief, as the sins of the whole world thrust upon His shoulders on the cross.

He felt joy, as He saw people healed, saved, and delivered.

Yet, knowing all of this, why do we shy away from a wide-range of emotions as Christians, instead of seeking to bring those emotions to the Lord?

I had to learn this a few years ago.

Naturally, I’m a mega-optimist.

But after going through some really tough things personally in my early-adult life, the obstacles in my way were finally too big to just “put on a happy face.”

When I was being brainwashed by a narcissistic boyfriend, it wasn’t enough just to say “choose joy.”

When I was struggling with binge-eating disorder and living twelve hours away from home, I didn’t feel like “just singing a happy worship song and getting over it.”

When I moved back home after college with $0, zero friends, and no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I didn’t want someone to just pat me on the back and tell me it would be okay.

Emotions. They’re real, and God has a plan for them.

I could write an entire devotional on this one thought, but I wanted to encourage you today. Jesus understands every emotion you could ever face, and there’s Good News for you (and me) today.

He died on the cross for all of them. Jesus isn’t the kind of Savior who just prays a blanket prayer and walks away. He’s the Friend who slows down with you, sits, and listens.

The Holy Spirit is known as the Counselor (John 14:26-28), and what do Counselors do? They sit, they ask questions to help bring you clarity, and they listen.

Ahhh, doesn’t that just sound amazing?

You may be in a season where you’re reallllllllly walking through some crazy emotions.

And maybe you’ve felt like there’s just no home for “someone like you.”

But I’m here to tell you today, don’t cast away your confidence! Hope deferred makes the heart (which also means mind) sick! (Proverbs 13:12) But in Him is fullness of joy! (Psalm 16:11)

So what’s your job? To keep turning to Him. Keep sitting at His feet, and drinking from the well of Life. The water that will never run dry. The wealth of wisdom, kindness, and patience that He is.

I want you to take just ten seconds and think of what you need most right now.

Is it REAL love? Encouragement? Someone just to listen?

Jesus can do ALL of that. And I don’t mean in a superfluous, superficial way… I mean as real as it gets.

So friend, let Him into your emotions today. Let Him in BIGGER than you ever have dared before. I promise He’ll meet you exactly where you’re at, because all He needs is your surrender.

You may have surrendered your heart, but have you surrendered your emotions?

Today is the BEST day! No guilt. No yesterdays. He’s sitting with you right now, ready to party.

See you tomorrow!