DAY 19: Take A Breath

Phew! We’ve talked about a LOT the past few days.

Our thought-life, our emotions, and our bodies…

That’s some deep stuff.

So I thought we’d change gears and I’d let you chill when it comes to introspection today. *wink*

But just for a little while.

Speaking of “breath,” did you know that taking a long, deep breath is incredibly good for your health?

Psychologists, Sociologists, and MD’s alike rank “a deep breath” to be in the Top Three coping mechanisms for fear, anxiety, and stress.

Taking a deep breath immediately starts to bring your nervous system back into order, calm down that crazy cortisol (can I get an amen?) and even increase mood.

I’ll take five, please!

On top of that… did you know that ‘breath’ is also incredibly Biblical?

Biblical, Megan? Really?

Yes. In fact the word “Breath” or ‘ruach,’ in the original Hebrew is used 378 times! That’s more than once a day for a YEAR!

God used this word to breathe the entirety of life as we know it into its very existence.

God used it to create the first man, Adam, the breath of life, and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7)

God even used the same word, ruach, to describe the mind, and how the Spirit of God comes into us, giving us understanding and life! (Job 27:3, Job 32:8)

God declared dry bones to come alive (and they did) by commanding that breath enter back into the body and that it would come to life! God is a total boss. (Ezekiel 37:4-14)

Or my personal favorite, He used breath to literally slay the wicked. Can you imagine? But maybe me loving this so much is just me being sassy. (Isaiah 11:4)

So take a breath today. The God of the universe, your very Creator, has breathed His life into you.

He’s defeating your enemies, every time you breathe and align with Him.

He gives you understanding, every time you inhale, and exhale.

So often, I think we overcomplicate how God can speak to us, and how we can come into His presence.

Today, maybe He just wants you to breathe. Really breathe.

Expert Tip:

Never “meditated” before? Worried it’s too “new age?” We’ll discuss this more in detail tomorrow, but for today… I encourage you to start here.

Find a quiet place where you can sit or lay back comfortably, undistracted. 

Ask God: “Father, I ask that you help me slow down in this moment. My to-do list, my family, and all distractions can wait for the next few minutes. I ask for Your presence to be with me as I take just a few minutes to slow down.”

Then, start by closing your eyes if you wish, taking a deep inhale, deep into your diaphragm underneath your belly button, in between your hip bones. 

Try not to take a “chest breath” aka your shoulders raising to your ears, but rather, a low and slow breath. 

Inhale for a count of 5 Mississippi’s, hold for 2 counts at the top of the breath, and Exhale for 7 counts. 

Repeat this 10 times, and note your physical and emotional state before and after!

Slowly open your eyes, and go about your day.

See ya tomorrow!