Day 2: Slow the Busy-ness Down

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside still waters.”  Psalm 23:1-2

Be Quiet.  Sit still and silent for one minute.  Let your mind be aware that God is present with you. Imagine Him smiling at you, delighted that you showed-up to be present with Him!  Breath slowly and relax.

Scripture.  “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside still waters.”  Psalm 23:1-2.

Meditation.  Several weeks ago I was driving (below the speed limit) out of my neighborhood when I came to a 4-way stop sign.  Observing no cars, animals, or children nearby, I rolled through the intersection.  Then I saw her, in a driveway 20 yards to my right, giving me the stink-eye while wagging a bony finger at me.  I’m not sure what she mouthed at me, but I don’t think it was, “Slow down.”

Many Christ-followers today go about their days at a frenetic pace, in a state of chronic overload.  They say “yes” to obligations when they mean “no”, and “no” to God’s rest even when they’re desperately tired for it.  I love this quote from Eugene Peterson in his book, The Contemplative Pastor: 

“I am busy because I am vain.  I want to appear important.  What better way than to be busy!  The incredible hours, the crowded schedule, and the heavy demands of my time are proof to myself and to all who will notice— that I am important.  If I go into a doctor’s office and find there is no one waiting, and I see through a half-open door the doctor reading a book, I wonder if he’s any good. Such experiences affect me.  I live in a society in which crowded schedules and harassed conditions are evidence of importance, so I develop a crowded schedule and harassed conditions.  When others notice, they acknowledge my significance, and my vanity is fed.  I am busy because I am lazy.  I let others decide what I will do instead of resolutely deciding myself. It was a favorite theme of C.S. Lewis that only lazy people work hard.  By lazily abdicating the essential work of deciding and directing, establishing values and setting goals, other people do it for us.”

Question to Ponder.  If busyness as a source of significance is preventing you from slowing down to simply be with Jesus, what will you eliminate from your schedule for still waters?

Connect with God.  Pray through Psalm 23, owning it as if you wrote it.  Pay attention to words and phrases that confirm your importance before the Lord. 

Connect with People.  Invite a friend to also pray through Psalm 23.  Talk to one another about your experience praying this way.