DAY 23: Steps To Seeking God

One of the biggest questions I get from my clients or people following me on social media is HOW to get into the presence of God.

Some people have been taught that it has to be through the Word, some only through worship, etc.

But the great news is that God is an equal-opportunity Daddio, and He just wants to spend time with His kids however they’ll come to Him.

So the rest of this week, I wanted to give you all a few practical examples of how you can get into the presence of God, regardless of how much time you have or the resources at your disposal.

Starting today with two of the five steps, beginning with Step 1: How to Get into “The Zone.”

We discussed it a little bit in the beginning of this devotional, but it all starts with your ability to get quiet.

For me, I have to get the chatter out of my head.

So I keep a notebook or my day planner out next to me, and I make a list of things spinning in my head until the voice silences.

Then, when I feel like I’ve successfully decluttered the mind-house, I move on to 

Step 2: Choose Your Manner of Connection.

Some Options Include But Are Not Limited To:

  1. Reading the Bible
  2. Listening to Worship Music, Hymns, or Spiritual Songs
  3. Singing to Worship Music, Hymns, or Spiritual Songs
  4. Writing
    1. Poetry
    2. Songs
    3. Prayers
    4. Gratitude Journaling
  1. Prayer
  2. Declarations and Affirmations
  3. Gratitude and Thankfulness
    1. Audibly
    2. Written
  4. Attending a Church Service
  5. Listening to A Sermon
  6. Taking Notes on a Sermon
  7. Meeting With a Friend To Talk About The Word
  8. Attending a Small Group or Bible Study
  9. Volunteering With A Church
  10. Serving at Your Local Church
  11. Reading Christian Books
  12. Watching Interviews of Christians & Their Life Experiences
  13. Christian Movies or Documentaries

So what’s my point here?

I want to encourage you all that God LOVES to connect with you, and He has so many ways of doing that! He wants to have a meaningful and diverse relationship with you, and that means variety!

Just like you don’t want to always go to the same restaurant on date night, don’t do the same thing over and over with God, either! Your relationship should be fun and exciting, not boring and monotonous! God is alive! Jesus is alive! And they’re there to commune with you!

See you tomorrow,