DAY 25: Forgive

Though this may seem odd, Step 4 in getting into His presence and hearing from God is to FORGIVE. 

Maybe they’ve had hardship in their life that has caused them to hold on to some unforgiveness.

As a survivor of relationship abuse, and having struggled with an eating disorder in my late teens and early twenties, I know what it’s like to feel so stricken with unforgiveness that it cripples you.

What most people don’t consider though, is that unforgiveness can plague people in not just one way, but two.

Unforgiveness towards other people, but also toward oneself.


Maybe you’ve lived a life in the past that wasn’t so squeaky clean. Maybe you wish you could have done things differently, said things differently, or never done something at all.

Ya… I think that might clog the headspace just a little bit, don’t you?

When I first heard this, I had to do a lot of deep soul searching. But as a result, came much needed growth and healing.

I want this for you too.

Today, I don’t just want to talk about it, I want to walk you through some freedom and healing.

To set the scene, Jesus paid atonement for all of our sins, so why do we keep dirtying the slate that Jesus has already washed clean? In fact, when we bring up our dirty laundry that we’ve already asked for forgiveness for, the Word says that Jesus doesn’t even know what we’re referring to, because He “remembers our sins no more.”

Can we, too?

Pray this with me.

Father God, through the blood of Your Son, Jesus, I decree and declare that He died on the cross for the full atonement of even my most wretched sins. I ask You to bring to my remembrance now any of the things that I’ve been continualizing penalizing myself for. *stop and think.*

Now, I shatter that voice of the enemy and I bind it to hell where it belongs. You are the only Righteous Judge, and You declare me FREE! Free indeed! Thank You Jesus for dying on the cross for ____________. I forgive myself for __________ and I declare that the spotless Lamb has paid the FULL payment for those things. I will not condemn myself any longer because there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, which is ME!

Secondly, I forgive all those who have hurt me in the past *say them by name and what they have done.* I now understand that forgiving them does not mean that I’m excusing what they’ve done, and it doesn’t mean I’ll forget. I am actually freeing myself from the bondage I’ve been holding myself captive in through my unforgiveness. And I set them free from all of my judgment. You, Jesus, are the only righteous judge. I ask You to wash over my mind, to bless them, and to disconnect anything that we gave or passed to one another. I am disconnected now in Jesus Name and connected only to the Vine, which will now rapidly produce GOOD FRUIT in my life! I am free, forgiven, and healed in Jesus Name! I will never be the same!

Wooooo! Doesn’t that feel GOOD?

Forgiveness is AMAZING!

Can’t wait to see you all for Step 5!