DAY 26: What To Study, What To Hear?

Now that we’ve quieted our mind, gotten our souls cleared out of unforgiveness, and are chock full of ideas for what to do when we spend time with God, you might be asking yourself “What can I expect to hear?” This is Step 5: What He Sounds Like.

While each person has their own amazing relationship with God, I can certainly tell you how God speaks to me!

When God speaks to me, He usually gives me a word, phrase, or topic relating to my experience that I need to work on or work through. It comes as a picture or impression in my mind, and as it comes, I (as consciously as I can) allow it to grow bigger in my mind. I call this “internalizing,” which is the best word in the natural that I have for it.

If nothing is coming to me in the first few minutes of getting quiet, sometimes, I feel like I need to seek out a particular topic myself. This is especially true if I’m stressed out or going through a hard time in my life. Maybe a certain type of circumstance seems to be screaming in my direction.

If that’s the case, I’ll google all the scriptures on what the Bible says about a particular topic, and within a few seconds, I have a direction to study, decree, and pray through.

Other days, I just want to study something specific… so I’ll turn to a certain book of the Bible to be inspired by that person’s life. In this case, I like the smaller books with people’s names, like Esther, Ruth, Miriam, etc…

The Word is so practical. It’s our spiritual lifeblood. Our living water. Our food.

But reading The Word alone won’t do much if we are doing it out of religious duty – we have to have our heart SET on Him.

This is why stillness is so important. We have to close out distractions and attune our hearts to sing His praise. To set our gaze like a ship pointing to our destination of His presence. And the greatest thing is that He’ll meet us every time.

He doesn’t care if you’re having a praise break in the kitchen while cleaning, or weeping over the pages of a Christian book that’s exactly what you needed to hear in your trailing season.

But one thing remains true, God is constant. He cries out for a deep relationship with you, and He can’t wait for you to give Him a chance.

See you tomorrow!