DAY 29: The Second Question, What’s One Step You Can Take To Get There?

Landon continued, “What’s one step you can take to get there?”

Me: “Well, I can text my PR person and see if we can start working on a plan to get my book published by next year. Actually set a date for when I want all of my manuscripts to be done. And, I can start putting in my calendar when specifically I’m going to song-write and when I’m going to study production stuff. I want to dedicate an entire month off work just to write and learn production, but that’s just not a reality right now.”

Landon: “Wow baby, I’m so proud of you. You’re so talented in so many things! Those are all AMAZING ideas, baby! How can I hold you accountable for those things in a way that would make you feel supported and loved?”

Me: “I’ll have them done by morning.”

Landon smirked and shook his head, knowing the kind of woman he’d signed up for was communicated in such Megan-fashion at that moment: “Okay! I’ll check back with you tomorrow!”

Within 24 hours, I had all of these new creative things on my calendar that filled my cup. And I realized that I was way more in control of several things manifesting than I had given myself credit for.

Instead of feeling totally overwhelmed, I felt like I could breathe again. Belief started to seep into my lungs, and with that, the true identity of who I was.

Did you know God wants you to have clarity?

Whether it be big things like what to do with your life, who to marry, or what school to attend.

Or smaller things, like which type of chicken to buy at the grocery store.

God is not a God of confusion. Thank God!

Tomorrow, I’m going to walk you through how to chunk-down some of those dreams and make them a reality.

Who’s ready!?

See you tomorrow,