Day 3: What is the connection between prayer and fasting?

Bible Verses: Psalm 86:1-7, Daniel 10:3, Matthew 6:16-18, Luke 4:1-4

On Day 1, we stated that we struggle to hear God’s voice because we have a connection problem. So if the two issues are we are disconnected from God, and we are too connected to the world, what’s the answer? I believe Jesus gives us the solution: prayer and fasting.

Prayer connects us to God.

At any time, at any place, in any situation, we can connect to God. With that being said, I often can’t understand why I choose to pray not as a first response but instead as a last resort. When life’s demands come my way, I sometimes forget to pray. Honestly, it’s easier for me at times to talk about the power of praying than to actually pray. However, I don’t want that to be true for me, and I want to grow in the practice of prayer.

This means that when I’m going into a tough meeting at work, I can pray for His Spirit to direct me. Before I go into a doctor’s office to receive test results, I can pray for God’s peace. Before I send an email, I can pray and discern if it’s appropriate. Before I post something on social media, I can ask for God’s direction. We can connect with God in real-time, and He promises to act on behalf of His children.

If prayer connects us to God, fasting disconnects us from this world.

One of the least known disciplines in the church is fasting. Very few people have a regular practice of fasting.

The real simple definition of fasting is letting go of some things for a period of time. When you fast from things, you begin to see things more clearly. However, no matter what you have heard or been taught, fasting is not primarily about giving something up. More so, it’s about replacing that something with God’s presence.

When you fast, I promise you your flesh will not like it. Your Spirit will love it, but your body will be weak. The enemy will come during times of fasting and try to replace that thing you have given up with something other than God. That’s why when so many fast, they also choose to pray. It’s about connecting to God as we disconnect from the world.

Most people choose to fast from food or drink. Other fasts that could be important are social media, television, etc. Remember, that part of fasting is to disconnect from this world.

Day 3 Challenge: Choose some type of fast that you will participate in for the remainder of this challenge and tell at least one other person.

Prayer Prompt: For your city and its prosperity