DAY 31: The Rest of the Questions

Landon continued, “Babe, I have a few more questions to ask you, is that alright?”

Me: “Yes.”

Landon: “Okay, I’d first like to ask you… what does God say about this overwhelm that you’re feeling?”

Me: “Well, I guess I never thought of that. I think He’d say that He has my back and that I need to stop worrying.  That if the sparrows and birds don’t worry and God feeds them, then He’ll take care of me, and He’ll take care of all the people I’m supposed to help until I can help them too.”

Landon: “Wow, I think that’s awesome. What a beautiful Word from God. Ready for the next one?”

Me, way more calm now: “Yep!”

Landon: “How can you make more room for what makes you happy?”

Me: “Well I already kinda talked about that… I think I just need to build it into my schedule. We’re so busy, it’s not going to happen if I don’t schedule it and I just think that I need to prioritize self care more so I don’t blink and I’m all burned out again and again and again.”

Landon: “Really good babe. One more.”

Me: “Okay.”

Landon: “In order to do that… what do you need to say no to?”

Me: “Things that don’t make me happy. Coffee dates I don’t want to go on. Parties I don’t want to attend. Things I should be delegating to someone else at work.”

Landon: “I think that’s awesome. I think that would save you a ton of time, and brain fog, too. I’m so proud of you, thanks for sharing that.”

Now, I mean, I think I have the greatest boyfriend in the whole world… especially for being such a young, emotionally-intelligent man.

But the great news is? Now that you’re equipped with these questions, you can walk yourself through these five questions anytime you need to bring your emotions back down to earth.

If you do have a trusted friend, give them a call and ask them to ask you those questions! Copy-and-paste them to them, and allow the non-emotional third party to help you!

Sometimes it’s really hard to ask for or accept help. But we need each other! Even one trusted, Bible-believing friend can change your life.

I wish you the utmost blessing in your life, mental wellbeing, and hope you use these questions the next time you feel like you’re in a difficult emotional moment.

Thank you for allowing me to speak into what is sometimes a very difficult topic, our mental health.

I’ll see you tomorrow!