DAY 37: Thank You & Benediction

To everyone who has been a part of this series, I just wanted to thank you! I have so enjoyed our time together, and I hope that you have discovered the Voice of Father God, Jesus Himself, and Holy Spirit in new, practical, tangible ways for yourself the past two months. If you’d like to follow me in the future, I’d love to connect on Facebook or Instagram. I’ve posted my links below. But before we part for now, I’d like to pray for all of you!

Jesus, I thank You for all of my new online friends. I thank You for speaking to their hearts with Your abundant love. I thank You for helping them discern their gifts and talents in a way that’s so loud, they’ll be infused with a totally new level of hope and courage to use them. I bind any false notion that anyone reading this doesn’t have purpose, or gifts. And I loose the power of Heaven’s angels to minister to each and every person today, infusing them with joy and protection. I pray that each person would learn Your irrefutable, irresistible Voice of Love, and that it would be a regular occurrence in their everyday lives. I pray that they would have the confidence to run to the Father when they need comfort, and would get to know You as Protector, Healer, Mender of the Breach, and the One who Comforts the broken heart. I thank You for dying on the cross for each and every one of my friends, and that You’d bless and keep them as Your face shines upon them with Your grace. I pray favor, prosperity, and influence upon each person as they follow the path of righteousness, and I declare that we rebuke the devourer and every place his sole has tried to tread upon Your child. I declare that the inheritance that belongs to them as a child of God is overflowing to them now, in Jesus Name. 


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Thank you!!!!

Megan Swanson