DAY 38: “It’s Two Days Before Christmas”

It’s two days before Christmas, and all through the house,

The children are stirring, yes, even the mouse!

All the stockings (might be hung) by the chimney with care

In hopes that St. Nicholas would quickly get there!

The children aren’t nestled all snug in their beds,

Because visions of video games dance in their heads,

But I heard parents exclaim as they tried getting it right

“I hope we are done, and to all a good night!”

Well, Christmas is almost here! I thought I would have a little play on words of the song “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to help you take a breath, smile, and remind you that everything’s going to be alright! Even if the stockings aren’t hung yet, or the shopping isn’t finished, Christmas will still come and go. But the most important thing to remember is Christmas is what you make it! That is what everyone will remember. Creating traditions that can be passed on, conversations around the table, and enjoying each other are the things that truly matter.

If your house is a little chaotic right now, here are some ideas and activities to do while the kids are home for Christmas. So, blast the Christmas music, make some hot chocolate, and let’s create some Christmas memories!

  1. Make Paper Snowflakes: I remember this as a young child! So much fun! You can talk about how God made everyone like a snowflake. Not one is alike. God made everyone unique — on purpose and for a purpose. Take a blank sheet of paper, fold it, and make cuts with a pair of scissors. You can hang them on the tree or from the ceiling too. Kids will love this!
  2. Read: Take turns reading and sharing everyone’s favorite Christmas Story. (I never said no to books. Now that I have a 6-month-old grandchild, I am soooo excited to read them all again!)
  3. Make Christmas treats: Look up recipes for special kid treats. (Snowman Cake Pops, Santa Cookies, Melted Snowman Cookies, Reindeer Cookies with pretzel legs.) The kids will love to come up with ideas of their own!
  4. Drive around to see Christmas Lights: Hop in the car and take a tour of the neighborhoods. Bring cookies and hot chocolate in a thermos in the car with you!
  5. Give an ornament: Every year my kids were born I bought ornaments for them. Some were from trips we took and some were related to the things they were involved in at school. As they get married with homes of their own, I give them the ornaments that I collected for them. Every ornament already has a memory attached to it to be enjoyed for years to come.
  6. Take a Christmas Photo in the same place every year: We did this with the first day of school as well, and our kids know that picture instantly upon seeing it! If you take the picture first thing, you can enjoy the evening and not have to worry about food on the clothes or people being too tired.
  7. Start a tradition and watch a Christmas movie together: Take turns picking the movie. Start a new tradition that every Christmas Eve or Day you watch this movie. We have even gone to the movies on Christmas Day as a family.
  8. Read the Christmas Story together: This is so fun! I like Luke’s account the best. The kids may even want to act it out. Grab an old robe, some t-towels and they can have instant costumes!
  9. Have everyone help wrap presents: This was one thing I learned that can give you time back in your day! Even if they aren’t wrapped perfectly, (and they won’t be), they are involved in the process of giving to those they love.
  10. Sing Christmas Carols: Gather and sing the carols together. Tell the story behind the songs. A lot of what we hear on the radio are modern day Christmas songs. Pass down the traditional carols by learning and singing them together.

These are just some things you can do together as you make memories this Christmas.  May your time together be full of love, peace, joy, and lots of Jesus!


Mama Swan