Week 1 • Day 5 • Meditate

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.
Jeremiah 31:25 (NIV)

Are you exhausted?

A lot of us are. On Day One – I talked about my latest obsession: the TV show “Alone.”

It seems to me that living in the freezing artic wilderness, knocking down trees, building your own shelter, fetching buckets of water daily and foraging/killing, butchering and cooking your own food would be my worst living nightmare. Oh, the amount of crying I’d do while chopping wood for my makeshift toilet! Add a spider crawling on my sleeping bag and I’d break records!

But I remember one of the cast members saying that their way of life was actually a far more peaceful and less stressful way to live. Sure, their heart rate might go up upon hearing the distant growl of a bear sniffing at your tent.

But most of the time? It wasn’t that serious. They just carried on in an almost meditative state as they learned to live in nature.

Compare that to those of us not living in the wilderness like a crazy person and consider that we experience the same exact stress hormones flooding through our body. But instead of a fearing the bear sniffing outside our tent – we’re flooded by cortisol because things are getting chippy on Facebook, our email has limitless unreads, or the guy in front of us is going 25 in a 45 and we’re about to LOST IT.

Oh yes, we are a weary and faint people. Stressed, panicked, fatigued … but it’s over nothing, really. Most of the time, in our day to day, we just take life too seriously

God is calling out to us – his silly, weary beloveds – to lay at his feet. Soak in his peace.

And rest.

I encourage you to take the time to be refreshed. Put the technology away. Get in nature. Snuggle with loved ones. Enjoy doing nothing with God.

You may find that doing nothing with your creator is everything you need.