Week 6 • Day 2 • Ponder

“…Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.
John 15:4

I’m learning that in different seasons, God wants me to produce different kinds of fruit. When my girls were very young, I felt God wanted me to produce fruit around my home, to focus and invest in our family. And I felt that way because that’s the only place I felt peace. Trying to maintain my professional platform during this time felt burdensome and stressful.

As they grew and needed less constant care, I felt a pull and passion to go back to my writing and all that building a platform entails. I felt that way because organizing my schedule to include my work gave me a great sense of peace. Neglecting it felt burdensome and stressful.

It’s worth pondering— right now, in this season, what path feels most peaceful? What is luring you, drawing you in? Take a step and see where it leads. You may just discover the kind of fruit God wants you to produce this season.