These are they who have turned the world upside down and are here in our city doing the same thing. — Acts 17:6

Read your bible, pray, go to church, and do good. This was the sentiment of a handout found in a bathroom giving advice on how to follow Jesus.

Sound compelling?

When we look at the life of Jesus and the life he called his followers to live, we see everything but boring. We see danger, excitement, passion, compassion, and the supernatural.

Some would argue that the information age gave way to a form of western Christianity that is void of the power and presence of God. The information age of enlightenment brought reason and science into the equation. With science and technology, we have been able to discover and make sense of things in our world in ways the previous generations could not. This period teaches us that A+B=C. While this is true, it doesn’t tell the full story.

So much of scripture doesn’t make sense. That’s what FAITH is. God gives his people the power to do the unthinkable. The dispels couldn’t make sense of Jesus calming a storm with his words. They couldn’t understand how his words brought his friend back to life or how he fed 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread. Jesus was radical and called his followers to be the same.

Acts 17:6 shows us that the followers of Jesus had a reputation. They were known for ‘Turning the world upside down’ wherever they went. When they showed up in a town, things changed. People were healed, hope was restored, and people wanted to know where their power came from. Life wasn’t easy, but the purpose and passion we see in scripture are compelling.

The signs to our state, Nebraska, tell the story, “The good life.” We value “The good life,” a life of safety, comfort, convenience more than a life reliant on God’s power which requires risk, generosity, and faith. What if we didn’t’ settle for the good life and went after the game-changing life we were created to live. As Jim Collins says, “Good is the enemy of Great!” Can I tell you, “Good is the enemy of God!” You were created to be game-changers. Can you imagine what our world would look like and the purpose you will experience when you stop settling for the good life? In the end, good isn’t good. It’s the life of regret, lack of purpose, and lack of authentic passion we are created for.

A game-changer doesn’t settle for the good life when God has called you to live a game changers life.

How is the “good life” getting in the way of God’s “game-changing” future for you?


Where have you settled for the good life? How can you begin to pursue the Game-Changing life God has for you?