Fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment.  —Proverbs 9:10

What if I told you there is a good type of fear. All throughout scripture, we see this idea of the “fear of God.” What is the ‘fear of God.’ It’s not about being afraid of good, but it’s about having a healthy fear. I want my children to have a healthy fear for things that can hurt them so they can ultimately experience the best God has for them.

Our God has great plans for our lives. His desire is that we would experience his best which ultimately culminates with spending eternity with him. Eternity can feel like millions of miles away while we are on earth, but the truth is, the earth is short in light of eternity. Because most of our focus is on earth, earthly fear paralyzes us. We care too much about what others say, what others think, what we feel, and it keeps us from doing what we know we should do. It keeps us from taking risks because we don’t want to ‘fail.’

The ‘fear of God’ causes us to think eternal. It says, “I am willing to take risks because I don’t want to miss out on what God has for my life.” It says, “I want to pursue the eternal promises of God over the earthly blessings of the world.

What if the ‘Fear of God’ was stronger than the fears of our world? What if you lived with the fear of missing out on the miraculous nature of God? I believe we would experience more of God’s purposes for our lives.

Fear of God is the foundation of wisdom. It’s the foundation of walking in purpose with God.


Invite God to give you ‘Good Fear.”‘ The fear of missing out on what he has for your life. Write out three things you would do if you followed the ‘fear of God’ over your life.