I’m doing a great work and I can’t come right now. — Nehemiah 3:6

“Learn from everyone but live like no one.” – Josh Dotzler

Can you imagine rebuilding the walls of a city in 52 days after the people have been living in exile? That’s exactly what God called Nehemiah to do. I love Nehemiah because he had a unique level of focus that allowed him to complete a huge project in a short amount of time. He was focused on who God called him to be and the work God had him engaged in. There were enemies who tried to distract him and challenges within his own community, but his message was very clear. I can’t come right now.

With social media and so much happening in life, it’s hard to focus on anything for any amount of time. Studies have shown it takes over 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. The average person keeps a job for less than two years today. We live in a world where if you stay too long, it’s a sign of being too vulnerable, not valuable.

Purpose requires focus. Purpose requires persistence. Your purpose is bigger than any position, and it requires a level of focus.

It requires:

  1. Asking lots of questions. Questions give us more clarity on the journey to discovering purpose.
  2. Asking the right questions. Understanding our GPS, strengths, passions, and story.
  3. Acting on what you know. Action creates traction. We must put into practice what we are learning, so it gets embedded into who we are becoming.

One of the biggest weaknesses of social media is how much it highlights and values “followers,” literally and figuratively. The whole purpose of social media is to gain as many followers as possible. This surface-level engagement causes people to act in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. It also has created a generation of followers who want to “be like” those they follow. This has always been true in our culture; we want to find who we think is successful and follow their ways.

The problem, is you are different. God is writing a different story through your life. You are an original. The world wants you to be focused on following cultural trends, but God wants you to focus on how he has uniquely created you. You must develop the gifts, passion, and story he’s given you.

There is a mantra I developed years ago when I realized I had been trying to follow and copy others instead of finding who God created me to be. The mantra is…


God puts people in our lives to give us a picture of specific things. He gives us his word to lead and guide us. At the end of the day, no one is like you, and no one was created with the purpose God has in mind for your life. Stop trying to fit in and start focusing on who God has called you to be.

We only have so much time on earth to finish the assignment God has given us. We must focus because wherever our focus goes, our energy flows.

Ultimately, our focus fuels our future as Game Changers.


Are there distractions keeping you from your purpose? What are they?