He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.  — John 3:30 NLT 

“Your character is essentially the sum of your habits.” – Norman Vinccent Peale

The Apostle Paul has one of the most powerful stories we read about in scripture. He begins as a persecutor of Christians. He was present and affirmed the stoning of Stephen, an early follower of Jesus. After God knocks him off his horse, Paul surrenders his life to the will of God. Paul goes from killing Christians to building God’s church. He is responsible for writing two-thirds of the New Testament. Paul was a changed man.

The most powerful part of Paul’s story wasn’t his conversion, even though that was powerful. Paul’s impact on the church and ability to shift the culture of entire cities is the reason many of us are doing what we do today. His desire to be changed by God daily led to a life of impact he could have never imagined. It’s like saying the best part of my marriage was my wedding day or engagement. Those days should be special, but the best parts of marriage should be as you grow together. Most of us don’t even know what real love is before we get married.

People who are changed by God change the world.

Your purpose is directly tied to what God is doing in you. Your purpose is an inside-out job. What’s happening on the inside will come out. The great thing is you are in control of the purpose you live with. You can invite God to change you every day so you can reflect more of his nature in your life. The challenge is you never know when the deep roots in your life will start to bear fruit. You don’t know when the opportunity will come knocking at your door. But, when it comes, you will be ready. We need to stay ready, so we don’t have to get ready. Regardless of “feeling” like we are living on purpose, allowing God to change us moves us in the right direction.

Show me someone who is changing the world for Christ, and I’ll show you the change they’ve experienced from God. Show me someone who lives with passion and purpose, and I’ll show you how their passion and purpose are tied to their connection to God. You can have success without daily surrender to God, but you can’t have a purpose.

Purpose grows as we surrender our will, desires, and plans daily to the Lordship of God.


How is God changing you today? How can you invite God to change you every day?