Day 6: What Hearing Can Do

The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them.

-Proverbs 20:12

This week, we’re going to get excited about all the FUN and GLORIOUS things that can happen when we tune in to the voice of God, focusing on two passages of scripture. Today, we’ll lay the foundation starting with Proverbs 20:12.

Wow! What an exciting thing to know that God has made us with eyes to see and ears to hear! I remember when I was twelve years old at a youth camp, I heard God for the first time. While we were jamming out to my favorite worship ballad, suddenly, I felt my whole body get heavy with His presence.

Despite being raised on the floor of churches my whole life, I had no previous personal, identifiable experience with the Presence of God.

But that day, God had a plan for a radical encounter. At just thirteen, a few seconds later I heard a voice speak to my heart: “kneel.”

I remember thinking: “What? What was that?” I may have even looked around.

“Kneel, Megan.” The voice prompted again.

Weirdly enough, I listened. Being someone who doesn’t like rules, this surprised me.

Why? Because to my surprise, rather than feeling like a command, it was quite the opposite. This voice felt like an invitation. A stirring in my heart that I just knew was the right thing to follow, rather than a demand to oblige. Though it was all new to me, I knew it was Him. Like love speaking to me itself. Or should I say, Himself?

After a few seconds of toiling (since it was something totally new to me), I decided, thinking “well, I might look weird but what’s the worst that could happen?”

The presence got heavier. But not like someone pushing me down to the ground. Rather, the incredible feeling of a twenty-pound weighted blanket, snuggling you at bedtime.

I knelt.

Instantly, the small act of obedience opened a portal of peace in my spirit. Though this was all new to me, I found tears rolling down my face in uncontrollable, very snot-filled amounts. Yet, I wasn’t afraid. Peace was coursing through every vein in my body as I just sat in His presence.

What happened next was the greatest outpouring of love I had ever felt in my entire life until that point.

You see, when we obey His voice, the bible says that our obedience commands the Blessing of the Lord to start being made manifest. Like a massive sound wave, it starts extending, exploding into the atmosphere to work in our favor because we serve a Good Father who wants the best for His kids. At that moment, I learned that surrendering all to Jesus was the most powerful thing I could ever do, and you can too! It doesn’t have to be surrounded by a crowd of people, or even at a church. It just takes you being intentional to open up the conversation with Him. Because bottom line – God wants to talk to you. Yes, you. Always.

As we saw in Proverbs, He created you with eyes to see and ears to hear, and there’s not a single person discounted from that wonderful gift, no matter what you’ve done in the past. What a good God we serve! He could have made it so that only the Pastors, do-gooders, and Jesus Himself could hear the Voice, but we ALL can! And it starts with just opening ourselves up to be used by Him.

Whether you’ve served Him all your life, or whether you’re just figuring this thing out called salvation, I invite you into His presence today. I dare you to take that first step of surrender, that first step of faith by praying this prayer with me today.

Pray This Out Loud:

“Jesus, I thank You for saving me. Thank You for living in my heart and setting me free from my past, my sins, as well as myself. I surrender my will and my life to Your Lordship and leadership. I know that You’ll take care of me, and only lead me in paths of righteousness and green pastures. I need you, and I thank You for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear Your voice and the entire supernatural realm. I can trust You! I declare that today is the day I give it all to you and that my obedience will make Your still, small voice louder and louder and louder in my life! I welcome You to use my life for magnificent things! I love You Jesus! Thank You for loving and leading me!