Day 5: What Is God’s Personality?


As I said on Day 1, I’m obsessed with personality tests. So as you can probably imagine, it’s been an interesting journey trying to determine what personality type to attribute to God.

Answer: Both NONE of them and ALL of them. *haha*

However, it was fun doing a deep dive into all of the disciples, prophets, and teachers in the Bible. But that’s a very nerdy conversation we can all have later.

That being said, we are all created in the image of God and His likeness. Before we were born, God knew our form. He thought more thoughts than the grains of sand about what kind of looks we’d have, as well as personality. And that’s something to celebrate!

Today, I want to laugh with you a little. Because, too often, I think we grow up hearing words to describe God’s “personality” (used figuratively as a means to describe His characteristics and nature laid out through what we see in the word) as judgmental, ominous, and honestly… sometimes pretty scary.

While He is a God of vengeance and judgment, I would like to suggest that those are things He does to carry out justice upon those who aren’t living for Him, rather than His nature. Which, by the way, if you really want to smile about who God is… just read about how He’ll heap fiery coals on your enemies when you choose to bless them. That’s a fun time. *wink*

In fact, scripture suggests several times that when it comes to our New Covenant as believers, He is a God of Love under the covenant of Love, not the Law of Moses which was much more a covenant of right-wrong, good-bad, or “works-based.”

But, we’re not here to deep-dive into that today.

You see, I’d like to propose today that, generally, I think we take God way too seriously — or should I say one-dimensionally, sometimes.

God is your creator, and therefore 100% designed your personality, and also your sense of humor.

For example, I LOVE to laugh and have a very dry sense of humor. Therefore, God often speaks to me quite sarcastically, actually quite often.

Aka, why in Day 1 of our devotional God said: “try it,” instead of “well, if you turn to page 9,834 in the Word of God aka me it’s because in the Holy Scriptures it says that we should be still and know that I am God.

I hope you laughed at that.

So what’s my point?

When God speaks to you, He’s going to meet you where you are. Whether you were partying at the bar last night and are asking for forgiveness this morning, whether you haven’t left home in months due to fear, or whether you’re a very serious person who would love for God to talk to you like the aforementioned above. Whether you’re just beginning your journey with God, or whether you’ve been following Him for so long it just seems like you’re going through the motions.

In this series, we’re covering the voice of God for this distinct reason. Because one word from Heaven makes all the difference, and God still speaks today. He wants to talk your ear off, give you the guidance you’ve been praying for, and encourage your soul.

If you ever think He’s distant, I encourage you to remember that He’s your Creator. (Genesis 1:27) One of His names is Comforter, (2 Corinthians 1:3-4, 7:6) another Best Friend (John 15:12-15). Another, Counselor (John 14:26-28) He’s the Name Above All Names (Philippians 2:9), the God who sees you (Ps 34:15, Genesis 16:13) and your fiercest advocate (1 Tim 2:5, Heb 7:24-25, Romans 8:34b, 1 John 2:1). With Him, we can do the impossible, and He wants you to align with Him to show you how.

God knit you together in your mother’s womb. He knew you before you were even formed. He thinks of you more than the grains of sand or stars in the sky. (Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:13-18)

So keep walking with me on this 30-day journey together, learning the voice and personality of our great God. I pray that He would love on your heart and speak to you in a brand new way, regardless of how long you’ve been following His lead.

I decree and declare that He is doing a new thing, springing up like a fresh well overflowing in your soul. I declare that it is renewing your mind, will, and emotions back into the refreshment of the Living Word, changing you from the inside out with gentle grace and perfect peace.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

Megan Swanson