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Have you been looking for ways to serve your community or church? Maybe you don’t have a ton of time or don’t know where to start?

King of Kings has plenty of volunteer options with the Online Campus. Deciding what to do or when to do it can be challenging though. Serving with the Online Campus allows you to be more flexible while serving so you aren’t stuck with the same schedule every time you volunteer! 

Some volunteer options include (but aren’t limited to): 

Online Greeter: Virtually greet those around you who are watching church online from the live chatGiving somebody a warm welcome who is new to church can create a relational foundation with others that is unforgettable. 

Online Host: Maybe you would like a chance to tell others how amazing God is and what’s in store for worship that day? Try becoming an online host! Hosting online church allows you to share the good news of Jesus through the screen of somebody’s phone or TV! 

Content Creator: Do you love to write, design, podcast, take photos, shoot and edit videos or do other amazing creative things? We’d love to talk to you about joining our volunteer creative team to support online church.

Online Worship Team: Calling all musicians in the Omaha area (or who like to travel)- serve your church by using your musical talents for online worship.

Ok, are you now thinking “This sounds great, but when would I have enough time?” Well, it’s easy! Some volunteer opportunities only take up 30 minutes to an hour and it will help to create a way for people to worship on the go or at home. 

We also have a campus in Omaha, Nebraska with lots of volunteer opportunities. You can check those all out here.

Looking for a way to serve your community?

Here are some fun ideas to get you started! 

  • Write a kind message with dry erase marker on a mirror for someone in your family.
  • Leave a gas gift card at a gas pump.
  • Offer to pick up items for your friends and neighbors while you are out running errands.
  • Send an email to a coworker telling them how much you appreciate them.
  • Leave a surprise in your mailbox for your mail carrier.  It could be as simple as a thank-you card.
  • Know of some parents who could use a night out?  Offer to babysit for free!
  • Write a thank you card to your local fire or police officer.  Let them know how much we appreciate them!
  • Praise a local business online.  Leave positive feedback for them on an online platform.
  • Text someone good morning or goodnight.
  • Send someone a care package.
  • Compliment someone’s smile.
  • Pay it backward in a drive-through:  buy for the person behind you.
  • Help your neighbor with lawn clean-up.
  • While you are out, compliment a parent on how well behaved their child is.
  • Greet people by their name.
  • Smile and say hello to strangers.
  • Send someone a handwritten letter.
  • Hand out gifts cards to restaurants in a hospital parking lot.
  • Send a nice text to three people.
  • Surprise a neighbor or friend with dinner.
  • Reminisce.  Memories can re-create special moments.
  • Eat local.  Eating locally can be a kind way of impacting local farmers and businesses.

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